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Il Melangolo

Voglio dare vita a ciò che scrivo, fino all'abiura di me - (Caparezza)

9 June 1982
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MELANTO | ♣ The straight side of a whirl
Who I am
Geologist only on the document with an heart made of lava. Volcanoes are the right part of me, the left are my stories that fly inside my head like dragonflies.
I'm a Gemini, full of wind.
What I love
I love the sky over my head and the fire under my feet, deep inside of Earth.
I love my plants and their flowers.
I love the slash ♥
I love write my folies
I love my Love. ♥
What I write
I'm Captain Tsubasa fan and I write about Yuzo Morisaki, who was the first love of my whole life.
I write about Geralt of Rivia: the most ironic and gorgeous witcher in the world XD.
I'm a William Golding fan at heart. I think he was a genius, and I hope, one day, to go on his grave to say it to him, with a little flower.
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