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The Babies

Ok, it's just that time of the year, we're near at the end of the J1 championship and, as always, S-Pa has its crash.
I don't know why, really, I don't know. We have done really well this year, we are for the most of time in the upper part of table but, I don't know, when the end is coming... we crash. I think it's tiredness or, for sure, the great defeat during the Final of Nabisco Cup that left its mark.
That Final was our. Our. It was just a formality. Go to the Stadium, play the game, take the victory. But we lost.
And after that we lost, and lost again in J1, with two team that are in the lowest part of table, they'll be relegated.
We were at the 4th position, we could compete with Urawa Reds for the third place, just one point between us, and now... we're 7th, when there are only two matches at the end of J1. Two hard matches, and we must win.
I know that is difficult and I know how changeable is the Japan Championship, but with Gamba Osaka we were invisible for the most of time. The Gamba attacked and fought and tried and they have seen our goal more than we have seen their. Our defenders were... at the coffée shop, I supposed, because I didn't see them. They have left holes big like a groviera cheese, and Hayashi didn't do everything alone! He just have done miracles that the half is enough.
Complain is over. XD
Sorry, but I hate to see how they loose chances when these are just in their hands, because I love this team, and they deserve to win, they deserve to be the best. Because they are, but they don't know yet. :3

C'mon babies, time is running out. Two matches and two victories. No matter if we are tired, no matter if we have to run, we must fight because the games are not over until the final whistle.
Here we go! è_é9

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